The years biggest dog show weekend was here and what amazing results my kennel achieved! Here are my kennels offsprings and co-owned dogs results. We managed to accomplish 3 titles within 2 days. The biggest achievement I would say is our Junior Winner title that Hippu the brown&white Stabijhoun achieved on Saturday. It is not so often that a brown...

Health results


4/8 of Runaway litter has been in health x-ray and the results are:

Indys' and Nelsons' puppies where born on Saturday 7th September. The birth went fine. Indy takes very good care of her puppies which are gaining weight well. There were born 6 puppies, 3 female and 3 male.

Indy's pregnancy is going forward, and today is day 46. Her belly has started to show signs of puppies. At the beginning she didn't have a good appetite but for weeks she has been eating well 3 times a day. Now as usual with the pregnancy's she is starting to loose her appetite and being picky on what she would...

We attended a two day international dogshow in Harju. We had rented a house which was about 20minutes drive from Tallinn and 10 minutes drive from the show place. We had with us 6 dogs from 3 different breeds. The trip was amazing, company superb and we had some great results for our dogs. The biggest thing was when Nana...

Taika (Hazebad Miracle Grace's Surprise) came for a playdate with Zia. The girls had a fun evening. here are few pictures.

We visited the vet so we could see if the date with Nelson was succesful. Indy is expecting puppies which are due on week 37.

Indy's heat started 1.7. As we had a long way to travel to meet Nelson I took progesterone tests so I knew when is the right time to start towards Sweden. As it was summer holiday time Nelson was now having his holiday in the south of Sweden so we had a longer travelling to do. We started our...

Runaway pentueesta on nyt kuvattu 4/8 seuraavin tuloksin:

Milomiss Runaway Snow White "Kuura" B/B 0/0 VA0 SP0 LTV0

Milomiss Runaway Sid "Luke" A/A 0/0

Milomiss Runaway Finnish Flash "Aapo" B/B 0/0

Milomiss Runaway Zlatan "Hemi" B7B 0/0

Northern Lights pentueesta on nyt kuvattu 3/6 seuraavin tuloksin:

Milomiss Northern Lights Ahti "Pyry" A/A 0/0

Milomiss Northern Lights Ilmatar "Inari" B/B 0/0

Milomiss Northern Lights Päivätär "Aurora" B/B 0/0