Nana - Dimka Fenske Fan De Moaie Hôvingen

Nana was born in The Netherlands on 13th June 2010. She arrived home on 15th August 2010. Nana is co-owned with Kennel Hazebad.


Nana is very social and friendly to everyone. She gets always extremely excited about new people and dogs, and she shows it by giving kisses and wiggling her tail. Nana would go on for ever playing with other dogs in our family, but even saying so she also knows to calm down. When Nana stays alone at home she soon settles down, relaxes and takes it easy. Nana doens't like too much of loud noises. Nana is though a sweet Stabij with a lot of energy and a big heart.


Junior Winner 2011

Helsinki Veteran Winner 2018

Finnish Veteran Winner 2018

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