Taika- Hazebad Miracle Grace's Surprise

Taika was born on 6.5.2019 in Maakeski, Finland in Hazebad Kennel. She is co-owned with Hazebad kennel and lives with Amanda in Helsinki.


Taika is friendly and gets along with people as well as with other dogs. She loves giving kisses and sleeping next to you is one od the best things she knows. Taika is easy to take anywhere and isn't scared of really anything. Taika loves to run around and play. She likes to carry everything and anything. Using her nose is the best thing and therefore nosework is something she really enjoys doing! Obedience training is something she has been doing too. When she is motivated she can accomplish anything and is a fast learner. Sometimes she can be a bit stubborn and does what she does, as the stabijhouns do. Taika is very energetic but when she has had enought to do and a right amount of exercise she knows to relax too. Taika has a good sence of humour and makes its owners to laugh each and every day.

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