Dogshow trip to Imavere, Estonia


We headed by cars to Imavere Estonia where was a two-day dogshow. The weather was boiling so we invented and bought a lot of different products in order to keep our furry fellows cool. Luckily we got our tent on a place under big trees so it was bearable. Here are the results from the shows:

Milomiss Adventurous Coco Chanel "Saga" OPN EXC CQ 2 x BOB 2 x CAC 2 x CACIB

Milomiss Halloween Magic "Magi" VET EXC CQ 2 x VET-BOB 2 x VET-CAC ja Estonian Veteran Champion

Pike Poai Pyke Fan de Moaie Hôvingen "Aura" JUN 2 x EXC1 x JUN-CAC1 x JUN-BOB

Milomiss Adventurous Captain Cook "Nino" OPN2 x VG

The trip was superb, company excellent as always and the dogs just so easy to be with.