Milomiss kennels' new members where born on Friday 30.10. to Kuura (Milomiss Runaway Snow White) & Jedi (Mi Biras Atlas). There was born a tiny girl and two boys.

Kuura's pregnancy is on the last phase and she has moved with us. We are expecting the puppies to be born on week 45. Now we are concentrating that she eats several small meals per day so she has enough energy. Lots of love and kisses are obviously given to her. Now we are just taking it easily and calmly....

We took Kuura for an ultrasound which showed us that she is expecting for puppies. The estimated date of birth is on week 45.

We were in Porvoo dog show last Saturday. Many of my offsprings were at the ring for the first times. The result were just amazing with BOB BOS and Certificats as well as my kennel getting the honer prize as well as being BOB-breeder. How proud can one be! Thank you everyone for bringing your lovely dogs to the show....

This summer we have spent a lot of time at our summer cottage. There the girls have been swimming, having long spins in the forest, running after ball and frisbee and relaxing. Here are few photos for you to enjoy.

In the beginning of our summer holiday we spent a day in Kotka. There we met friends and also met up with 3 offsprings from three different litters. We enjoyed our time together, the dogs had fun running aroung, swimming in the sea and when we had lunch the dogs were allowed to join us outside on the terrace. Absolutely wonderful day!...

Friesvik's Zora af Zelda of Lui "Hippu" and Friesvik's Zeije af Zelda of Lui "Zoco" had their 2nd birthday. Here are few photos of both of them.

Milomiss Northern Lights Ahti "Pyry" has been to the official healt examination and the results are great hips are A/A and elbows 0/0. vWD1-result just arrived with status Free.

Runaway pentueesta on nyt kuvattu 4/8 seuraavin tuloksin:

Milomiss Runaway Snow White "Kuura" B/B 0/0 VA0 SP0 LTV0

Milomiss Runaway Sid "Luke" A/A 0/0

Milomiss Runaway Finnish Flash "Aapo" B/B 0/0

Milomiss Runaway Zlatan "Hemi" B7B 0/0

Northern Lights pentueesta on nyt kuvattu 3/6 seuraavin tuloksin:

Milomiss Northern Lights Ahti "Pyry" A/A 0/0

Milomiss Northern Lights Ilmatar "Inari" B/B 0/0

Milomiss Northern Lights Päivätär "Aurora" B/B 0/0