We had finally a first practise show, a match show with Danti. He was quite excited but managed to keep himself pretty calm and relaxed even the whole situation was totally new for him. The judge got a lot of hugs and kisses. The main thing is that he got a positive experiment of the show environment. This is a good start towards the real shows!...

The girls simply love the cottage life. They run after a ball endlessly and just after any smells that they might get. They enjoy a lot to be at our cottage. This Summer I think we will spend a lot of time there.

We went swimming to a special dogpool with Nana, Saga and Danti. We had so much fun. Herer are few pictures from the trip.

Danti is growing and is nearly 10 months old. Time surely flies! He is a great boy with a big hearth and gets compliments everywere that he goes how great he is. Herer are few pictures from a rainy day.

Adventurous litter is growing. I received these lovely pictures from each one of them. I have grown to know that they have lovely personalities are typically stubborn as Stabijhouns might be and playful. I am happy to her they are all doing great. I couldn't be prouder!

Runaway pentueesta on nyt kuvattu 4/8 seuraavin tuloksin:

Milomiss Runaway Snow White "Kuura" B/B 0/0 VA0 SP0 LTV0

Milomiss Runaway Sid "Luke" A/A 0/0

Milomiss Runaway Finnish Flash "Aapo" B/B 0/0

Milomiss Runaway Zlatan "Hemi" B7B 0/0

Northern Lights pentueesta on nyt kuvattu 3/6 seuraavin tuloksin:

Milomiss Northern Lights Ahti "Pyry" A/A 0/0

Milomiss Northern Lights Ilmatar "Inari" B/B 0/0

Milomiss Northern Lights Päivätär "Aurora" B/B 0/0