Nyyti was born as the second puppy of the litter of three. She was the queen from the start and I knew we would have a great journey together. Nyyti was co-owned with Linnea, Niklas and Kennel Hazebad. I had an opportunity to spend a lot of time with Nyyti which I am so happy about. Nyyti grew beautifully,...

Ohped dal Kennel has a litter that is one week old. The male is my offspring Baco (Milomiss Love Me Tender Baako). There are born 4 females and 4 males. Few males are searching for their own family so do not hesitate to contact if you are interested.



The beginning of the year has been nice and easy. The latest litter is doing great and we have seen those who live closeby now and again. They are growing and learning a lot of new tricks. They have been in puppyclasses and playdates together. We have had a lot of fun seeing them. Here are few pictures.

The years biggest dog show weekend was here and what amazing results my kennel achieved! Here are my kennels offsprings and co-owned dogs results. We managed to accomplish 3 titles within 2 days. The biggest achievement I would say is our Junior Winner title that Hippu the brown&white Stabijhoun achieved on Saturday. It is not so often that a brown...

Health results


4/8 of Runaway litter has been in health x-ray and the results are:

Runaway pentueesta on nyt kuvattu 4/8 seuraavin tuloksin:

Milomiss Runaway Snow White "Kuura" B/B 0/0 VA0 SP0 LTV0

Milomiss Runaway Sid "Luke" A/A 0/0

Milomiss Runaway Finnish Flash "Aapo" B/B 0/0

Milomiss Runaway Zlatan "Hemi" B7B 0/0

Northern Lights pentueesta on nyt kuvattu 3/6 seuraavin tuloksin:

Milomiss Northern Lights Ahti "Pyry" A/A 0/0

Milomiss Northern Lights Ilmatar "Inari" B/B 0/0

Milomiss Northern Lights Päivätär "Aurora" B/B 0/0