Zoco - Friesvik's Zeije af Zelda of Lui

Zoco was born in Friesvik's Kennel in Sweden on 9.7.2018. She mooved home on 9.9.2018. Zoco is co-owned by Kennel Ohped Dal and he lives with Mirka and Teemu in Klaukkala.


Zoco is a dog with big hearth, gentle and loves his own family the most. Zocos family consists of two adults and two children. Zoco is extremely observant and sensitive. Zoco sences especially his own familys different emotions quicker that one notices them. Zoco adapts to different new situations well as long as he is given his own space .

Zoco enjoys long hikes, it could be running or just walking around in the forest. In the forest no traces of bunny or deer go unnoticed. Zoco couldn't care less of big working sites or working machines, but skateboards are extremely suspicious. Also, he has no problem passing dogs when on a spin as he always concentrates on what he is doing.

Zoco has been also on many dog show trips in Finland and abroad, and has always been an easy-going companion.

DNA-results: CD - free & vwd1 carrier


C.I.E. Champion International d'Exposition

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