Welcome to Milomiss kennels homepage!

My kennel has Stabijhoun breed female dogs called Nana,  Magi & Zia. We live in Vantaa, Finland with my spouse and daughter.

My kennel co-operates with several kennels. I co-own several females and a male. Many of them do visit us often and we spend time to get to know the dogs and see their personalities.

About me.

My name is Minna Milosavljevic and I had Siru, my first Stabijhoun after waiting for her for nearly a year. I found the breed nearly accidentally when I was going through a dog breed book to find a right breed for myself.

In my family there has always been dogs. My first dog was a Sarplaninac, after him we had a Golden retriever. My first own dog was a Stabijhoun, Siru.

When I got Siru it was a fosterer agreement which ment that when the time was right Siru would be used for breeding. It ment a lot of co-operation with the breeder and also I felt that this way I also got a lot of support to train and do the right things with my dog. I never thought that getting a dog could bring so much input in my life, as well as all the friendships one has got on the way. I learned so much in these first years as well as had a possibility to be in many different occasions with Siru. This was for me a turning point when I started to think I would really love to do all my best for this beautiful breed. Thats how it all started and in 2012 I had my first litter in my kennel.

I co-operate with kennels abroad as well as finnish kennels.