”Siru” Hazebad Lollypop Beau 17.10.2007-1.2.2019


It all began in October 2007 when I received a text message that there is a puppy for me. I never thought what a journey it would be. Siru was very much wanted and expected. She was to be part of our family. I never thought what she would teach me. Siru taught me to understand dogs, she taught me how to train dogs, how do you do things and how to understand dogs. Siru was a typical Stabijhoun - High sensitive, persistent, inventive, followed me everywhere. A real STAND BY ME dog. Siru was on times stubborn, wanting all the attention to herself, but she was also very smart and she LOVED her family ❤️ Siru was THE star of our family, who would do anything for her family. She had a brilliant temper and one of the amazing personalities one could imagine. Siru brought me new experiences, taught me to talk "dog" gave me a new world filled with love for the breed and people - friends - soulmates. Hazebad Kennels' - Anne Leppänen choose me the perfect lady, thank you Anne ❤️ Siru was a dog with a big heart.

❤️ It has been a privilege of having such a dog in my life ❤️