Milomiss Love Me Tender Grace ”Nyyti” 8.1.2015-13.3.2020


Nyyti was born as the second puppy of the litter of three. She was the queen from the start and I knew we would have a great journey together. Nyyti was co-owned with Linnea, Niklas and Kennel Hazebad. I had an opportunity to spend a lot of time with Nyyti which I am so happy about. Nyyti grew beautifully, had a lovely personality and learned easily new things. We did shows together as well as relaxed and enjoyed just doing nothing. Nyyti settled down with my pack just fine. She loved her family and was a dog with a big hearth. She spread the love to everyone near her by at least giving a lot of kisses and letting one know that she really likes you. Nyyti had two great litters so her legacy lives with them. 

Unfortunately, we had to let Nyyti go way too early, due to cancer. We miss her dearly but the memories will always be there <3