Indy's mating was succesful


Indy's heat started 1.7.  As we had a long way to travel to meet Nelson I took progesterone tests so I knew when is the right time to start towards Sweden. As it was summer holiday time Nelson was now having his holiday in the south of Sweden so we had a longer travelling to do. We started our way to Nelson on Wednesday 10th July by Viking Line ferry to Stockholm where we arrived the next day. We travelled from Stockholm to Simrishamn the whole day and arrived the in the evening. When Nelson and Indy saw each other it was love at first sight. The mating was succesful. We had a second date the next day and it was a succesful date too. We spend the day in Simrishamn and Brantesvik absolutely amazing places. As it was peak season it was very diffucult to find accommodation so we decided to travel to Jönköping where we spend 2 days before going to Stockholm and by Silja Line to Turku.

Now we have to wait for about 30 days to see if the date has been succesful. Here are few photos from our trip.