Hippus' and Zocos' trip from Sweden to Finland


We started our trip with Miia to Sweden on Thursday by a ferry to Stockholm where we arrived on Friday morning. Friday we drived 6h to Öland where Friesvik's Kennel is situated. As the drive is long we had no possibility to drive back the same day so we spent the night in Öland. The evening was spent with Catharina, Friesvik's Kennel breeder, who has an absolutely fabulous place to breed dogs as well as horses. How wonderful it was to chit chat to early hours. Saturday morning we started our way to Stockholm and the ferry toward Finland. The puppies where very good travellers. Tehy slept a lot and when we stopped had a good amount of energy as well as a good appetite. In the ferry they took everything calmly and easily and charmed everyone who passed by. On Sunday morning we arrived to Turku and drove directly to my home where the puppies met my Stabij ladys. Hippu travelled to Veera and Osmo in Virrat and Zoco was picked up by Mirka and Teemu and lives nearby in Vantaa. What a great journey we had and such lovely puppies :)